How do I set up a Rule Stage based on Lessonly status or score?

How to Set Up a Rule Stage Based on Lessonly Status or Score

  1. Go to the Workflow Editor.
  2. Add a new rule stage and place it after your Lessonly stage.
  3. In the rule stage, click the green 'Add rule' button.
  4. Select "Lessonly status" or "Lessonly score" as the condition, then specify the lesson or course as well as desired status or passing score:
  5. Under "Then do all of these actions" select the stage to which applicants who meet the condition should be moved.
  6. Below that, select the stage to which applicants who do not meet the condition should be moved.
  7. Hit the blue 'Save changes' button, and you're all set! Now, applicants who move into this rule stage will be placed into different stages based on their Lessonly status or score.

If you're looking to use the Lessonly score for the rule, keep in mind that for courses, the minimum score you set in the rule will apply to every lesson within the course. For example, if the minimum passing score is 70% and there are 3 lessons in the selected course, an applicant who scored a 80%, 75%, and a 65% would be rejected because all 3 scores must be above 70%.

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