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Northpass Account Needed

Please consult your Customer Success Manager or email to learn more about Northpass and obtaining an account.

Setting Up Northpass Integration

  1. Make sure that you have the courses you want to integrate in your Northpass account.
  2. In your Northpass account, go to Apps on the top bar and click Configure next to the Fountain app.

  3. From the Fountain configuration page, copy the Northpass API Key and the Shared secret key (optional).

  4. Paste the following Fountain webhook URL into your Northpass webhook settings. Make sure you input the correct company slug instead of YOURCOMPANYNAME.
  5. Return to Fountain, hover over your name at the top right, and click on Integrations > Screening.

  6. Click the blue Connect button next to Northpass.

  7. Paste your Northpass API Key and Webhook Secret (optional) into the Fountain stage settings.

  8. Once the callback and API key are set up, you can add and assign a Northpass course to your learning stage.
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