Checkr Canada is deeply ingrained into Fountain and a lot of things are possible after you integrate the two accounts. Set up only takes a minute!

What's Covered


1. Checkr

  1. Contact your Checkr account manager to enable Canada reports.
  2. Log into your Checkr account.
  3. Navigate to Account Settings > Developer Settings.
  4. Under Webhooks, add the following webhook URL as Live and CA

  5. Under Subscriptions, enable the following settings:

  6. Copy your Checkr production API key for Fountain integration.


2. Fountain

  1. Log into your Fountain account.
  2. Navigate to Company Settings by hovering over your name at the top right corner and then go to Integrations > Screening.
  3. Click the blue Connect button next to Checkr Canada:

  4. Paste your Checkr Production API key.

  5. Enter in your Company Name; it will be filled in the official request form to the RCMP, so please use your legal business name.
  6. Select the location of your company.
  7. Hit the Save button! You're now integrated.


Checkr CA Fountain Integration

  1. Add the Background Check with Checkr (Canada) stage:

  2. Once the new stage is added (and you've integrated with Checkr Canada), you will be able to select the report package that will run in the stage settings:

Notifications (Optional)

Depending on your workflow setup, you may want to notify either the applicant or the Opening owner on the status of the report. If you choose to collect the consent first and run the background check later, we recommend notifying the applicant so they are aware that their report has begun.



Signing Submitted Consent Forms

  1. Once applicants have submitted their consent form, a user will need to sign and approve the consent form. You will see a notification in the Applicant Table letting you know that documents are waiting for signature:
  2. If it's your first time signing a consent form, it will ask you to draw your signature when you click on the notification:

  3. To sign the consent forms, click the blue Review & sign button:
  4. The next window will display a copy of the consent form for your review, and the options to sign or resend the consent form to the applicant: 
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