Unsubscribe or Resubscribe Applicants from Messages

Applicants can unsubscribe and resubscribe from SMS or email from your company at anytime. You can see that an applicant have unsubscribed by the icon next to their name on the Applicant Table. 

On the new Applicant Table, you'll see themceclip3.pngicon for unsubscribed from email and the following if the applicant unsubscribed from SMS.



On the original Applicant Table you'll see this:



If an applicant has given you permission to be resubscribed to email or SMS, please contact support@fountain.com and provide the following:

  • Applicant's email
  • Specify whether email or SMS (or both) are to be resubscribed

That's it! We will send a confirmation message once the applicant has been resubscribed.

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