Does Fountain support Conversion Tracking?

To set up conversion tracking, go to your Company Settings and select Integrations along the top.  On the Integrations Sourcing page, you will see several options for tracking.

  1. Hit Connect for the service of your choice
  2. Enter your pixel or tracker number
  3. Enter which openings you would like to track
  4. Hit Save Changes

We currently support:

Indeed Conversion Tracker
With Indeed's tracking pixel, you can find out how many applicants landed on Fountain from Indeed in your Indeed dashboard.

Facebook Pixel
With Facebook's Conversion Pixel, you can track where applicants land. 

Google Analytics Tracker
This tracking snippet allows you to measure how applicants interact with your website. 

Google Tag Manager Tracker
Google Tag Manager allows you to quickly and easily update tags. 

Google Adwords Conversion Tracker 
Google Adwords Tracker lets you track conversion from your Adwords campaigns. 

Adzuna Tracker
Adzuna tracker lets you track conversions from Adzuna. 

Perengo tracker lets you track applicants on Perengo.


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