Data Collection Stage: Secure Fields


Secure Fields are used for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as SSN, bank information, insurance documents, and more. PII is given an extra layer of security, and the fields are not customizable. We group types of PII by categories like “Bank”, “Vehicle," or “Insurance” to make collecting the data you need more convenient. 

We currently offer the following secure fields:

Question Key
Gender gender
Ethnicity ethnicity
Citizenship citizenship
Are you authorized to work in the United States? can_work_in_us
Religious Preference religious_preference
Question Key
Income Salary income_salary
Income Income Tax Dollar Amount income_income_tax_dollar_amount
Income Ss Tax income_ss_tax
Income Medicare Tax income_medicare_tax
Income Taxpayer Identification Number income_taxpayer_identification_number
Driver License 
Question Key
Driver License Number driver_license_number
Driver License Expiration Date driver_license_expiration_date
Driver License State driver_license_state
Question Key
Social Security Number ssn
National Identification Number national_identification_number
Question Key
Insurance Type insurance_type
Insurance Benefactor First Name insurance_benefactor_first_name
Insurance Benefactor Middle Name insurance_benefactor_middle_name
Insurance Benefactor Last Name insurance_benefactor_last_name
Insurance Member ID insurance_member_id
Insurance Company Group ID insurance_company_group_id
Insurance Company Of Issue insurance_company_of_issue
Insurance Country Of Issue insurance_country_of_issue
Insurance City Of Issue insurance_city_of_issue
Insurance Issue Date insurance_issue_date
Insurance Expiration Date insurance_expiration_date
Question Key
Bank Name bank_name
Bank Routing Number bank_routing_number
Bank Account Number bank_account_number
Question Key
Passport Number passport_number
Passport Country Of Issue passport_country_of_issue
Passport City Of Issue passport_city_of_issue
Passport Issue Date passport_issue_date
Passport Expiration Date passport_expiration_date
Question Key
Vehicle Make vehicle_make
Vehicle Model vehicle_model
Vehicle Year vehicle_year
Vehicle Registration Plate Number vehicle_registration_plate_number
Vehicle Vin Number vehicle_vin_number


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