Data Collection Stage


Data Collection stage allows you to ask applicants questions and have them upload files from applicants. You can choose from short response, paragraph, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, file upload, datepicker, and hidden questions.

What's Covered


Adding Questions

  1. Add the Data Collect stage anywhere to your workflow by clicking on Add Stage.
  2. Click the blue Customize Fields for data collection stage button.
  3. Click on Add question.
  4. Click on Enter a question title to create your own question or choose from the list of Standard Questions.

    Your previously created questions will appear below the Standard Questions once you have written your own custom questions written.

    We Recommend Custom Questions

    Some Standard Questions houses secure data and, thus, have limited functionality to prevent easy access to information like SSNs. If you want more flexbiliby, we recommend entering your own custom questions unless the use of a Standard question for data security is absolutely necessary.


    Standard Question

    Custom Question

    View responses on Applicant profiles  Mostly hidden Yes
    Filter by responses in Applicant Table No Yes
    Responses exportable  Not readily Yes
    Customizable Data Key No Yes 
    Use responses as merge keys into documents for signing Few  No
    Using Standard Question

    Standard questions are useful if you would like to gather secure data. (For more information on secure fields, see this article.)

    You can find a list of suggested questions directly below the question text box after clicking in Enter a question title, or click the See all questions link to view all suggested questions.


    Secure fields are indicated by a yellow lock icon.

    Using Custom Question
    1. Type in the question in Enter a question title and either hit enter or select the create question option at the bottom of the dropdown list.
    2. Change the question type by clicking on the dropdown menu below.
    3. Add the Data Key for this question. This is how the data field will be named (e.g. when exporting a report), and it ensures that the question can be referred back to and utilized in subsequent stages. Click Enter key on the bottom left.

      Data Key Requirements

      - All lowercase
      - Contain no spaces (Use an underscore instead)
      - Cannot be associated with duplicate questions

  5. Select the question type on the bottom right.
  6. To make a question required to be answered by the applicant, click the * on the bottom right corner.

    Hidden Question Option

    The hidden question is a way to append a value/answer to an applicants' profile without asking the applicant questions.

  7. Click Save.

Option Banks

Option Banks is a collection of answer options for multiple choice, dropdown, and checkbox questions. For example, if you have a few questions asking for 'State', entering 50 states as the option for multiple questions is tedious. With Option Banks, you just need to build the list once and link it to any question throughout different Openings. If you need to update this list, you only need to edit the Option Bank and all questions linked to this list will be updated. 

Creating an Option Bank

  1. To add option banks to your question, create your option bank by hovering over Profile > Company Settings > App Settings > Option Bank.
  2. Name the Option Bank. Be descriptive so you know which one to choose down the line.
  3. Click Add option.
  4. Optional: you can pre-select an option as the default answer by clicking Yes in Set a default option? Indicate which option should be the default by clicking the circle next to it.Screen_Shot_2019-05-30_at_4.26.45_PM.png
  5. Move the order of your values around by dragging the Screen_Shot_2019-05-31_at_6.05.20_PM.png on the left of the option label.
  6. Delete options by clicking the red x to the right of the option.

    Editing Options

    If you edit the options in the Option Bank, the options are changed across all the questions you linked the option bank.

  7. When you create a multiple choice question, dropdown, or checkbox in the form editor, you can click the Link Option Bank and select your option bank, like so.


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