Intro to Positions, Locations, and Openings

What is a Position?

Position is essentially a job type or template to use for Openings. A Position determines the Opening's:

  • Position Description
  • Position Requirements
  • Application Form

An example of a Position would be a Delivery Driver or Cashier.

To learn how to add a new Position, click here.

What is a Location? What is a Location Group?

On the other hand, a Location determines the Opening's:

  • Address
  • Country
  • Time Zone
  • Language
  • Brand
  • SMS Number

An example of a Location would be San Francisco, CA (city) or Southern California (region), but you can set up Locations however you would like!

To learn how to add a new Location, click here.

You can also place Locations into different Location Groups. You can think of Location Groups as folders used for organizing Locations.

For example, if you had two Locations (San Francisco and Los Angeles), you could place them into a "California" Location Group.

To learn how to add a new Location Group, click here.

What is an Opening?

Together, a Position and Location make an Opening, which you can think of as a job opening that you are hiring for. So, when creating a new Opening, if you select the Position as "Delivery Driver" and your Location as "San Francisco," your Opening would be "San Francisco - Delivery Driver."

Each Opening has its own Opening Details and Hiring Workflow that you can customize to fit your needs.

To learn how to add a new Opening, click here.

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