Location in Fountain is where the job would be located in. This can be an address or a general area e.g. market or district. Location and Position make up an Opening.

A Location determines an Opening's:

  • Address
  • Country
  • Time Zone
  • Language
  • Brand
  • SMS Number


Add Location

  1. Hover over Jobs in the top navigation bar, and select Locations.
  2. Click on the blue Add Location button.
  3. Fill out the details for your new Location including Location Group, Location Owner, Address, Country, Time Zone, Language, Brand, and SMS Number.


    If your Location is not associated with a physical address, you can click the 'Remote' checkbox under the map.

  4. Hit the blue 'Save' button at the bottom of the page, and you're all set!

To take it a step further, you can organize Locations by placing them into different Location Groups. Read article on Location Group.



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