You can place Locations in different Location Groups. You can think of Location Groups as folders used for organizing Locations. This allows you to better organize and find your openings faster, as well as assign owners.

For example, if you had two Locations (San Francisco and Los Angeles), you could place them into a "California" Location Group.

What's Covered?

Add Location Group

  1. Hover over Jobs in the main nav, and select Locations.


  2. Click the blue Add Group button.


  3. Name your group and assign a Group Owner. Group ownership is useful for teams where individual user manages a set of Openings based on Groups, otherwise, you can assign owners at a per Opening basis.


  4. Hit the blue Save button and you're all set!


Move Location into Group

  1. Hover over Jobs in the top navigation bar, and select Locations.
  2. Find the Location: you may need to go into existing Location Groups or use the search bar if it's already been assigned to a Location Group.
  3. Next to Location, click on Action then Move to.
  4. Select a Group from the dropdown menu.
  5. Confirm by clicking on Move location.


Edit Location Group

  1. Next to the Location Group, click on Action then Edit.
  2. Enter your updates.
  3. Select Save.

Delete Location Group

  1. Next to the Location Group, click on Action then Delete.
  2. If you want to move the Locations in this Group into another Group, select Yes and choose the destination from the dropdown. If you choose No, the Locations will be in unassigned.

  3. Select Delete.


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