Each Opening has its own hiring workflow, where you can tailor the application steps for a particular job Position in a specific Location.

Having different Openings is a good way to organize different funnels where the hiring requirements/steps differ due to location and/or position.


Each opening should be unique and not share the same position with the same location.


Add Opening

  1. Hover over Jobs in the top navigation bar, and select Openings.

  2. Click the blue Add Opening button.

  3. Select the position and location for your opening. If needed, you can add a new location/position by clicking on Add Location or Add Position. Click Continue.
  4. Fill out the details and click Continue.

    Opening Status
    If you're not ready to publish your opening on your Job Directory hosted on Fountain, you can mark it as 'Inactive' for now by clicking on Active on the top right corner.

    External Application Form
    Application Form refers to the first form the applicant fills out to start their application. This is typically asking for name, email, and phone number. You can use Fountain's application form or if you prefer to create your own form on your own website or use another method click Yes to "Will you be using an external application form?". See more about Application Form.

    Opening Owner
    Opening Owner is intended to give a single user more ownership and oversight of the opening. For example, automated stage emails are by default sent from the Opening Owner's email unless changed in each message for that stage. In stages where notifications are available, emails are sent to the Opening Owner.
  5. If you clicked 'No' to using an external application form, you will see application form associated with the 'Position' you selected in step 3. You can edit the questions on the application form by clicking on Unlock, but remember that any changes made will affect the application form for all Openings with this position. Click Continue
  6. Choose Create new workflow if you want to start from scratch, or Clone existing workflow if you want to clone your workflow from another existing opening.



Edit Opening

  1. Navigate to the home page by clicking on the Fountain Logo on the top left corner.
  2. Next to Opening, click on Action and Edit Opening Settings.

  3. In Edit Opening, you can:
      • Rename the Opening Name
      • Change Location
      • Change Position
      • Change Opening Owner
      • Edit Opening Type
      • Edit Pay Rate
      • Advance Settings
      • Delete Opening



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