How do I preview/test out my completed workflow?

You can test out your completed workflow by applying to your Opening as an applicant; this will give you a feel of what the experience is like as a user vs. an applicant. Here's how:

  1. [As an applicant] Submit responses to your application form using a valid email and phone number.
    • If your Opening is using the Fountain application form, you can access the application form URL by going to the Jobs Menu --> Openings --> Actions --> View Application Form:
  2. [As a user] Return to Fountain and go to the Applicants view. You'll see that your test applicant has landed in the first stage of the workflow.
  3. [As an applicant] At the same time, if you have an automated message set up to send out to applicants upon landing in the first stage of your workflow, then you should have received it.
  4. [As a user] Click on your test applicant's name to open up the Applicant Profile and view the responses you submitted in the application form.
  5. [As a user] Click out of the Applicant Profile to go back to the Applicant Table. You can use the 'Actions' button next to applicants' names to send messages, move them to different stages, upload files, etc.
  6. [As a user] Take your test applicant through the entire workflow by advancing them via the 'Actions' button.
  7. [As an applicant] As you take yourself through the workflow, note the messages you receive as an applicant, and the way the Applicant Portal is set up.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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