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Many of our clients use a HRIS (human resource information system) for applicant management and payroll. Fountain can be setup to seamlessly communicate and sync with these systems.

When applicants land in the Approved stage, a webhook can be sent to your HRIS system to notify it of the new applicant. Included in the webhook payload is all of the applicant information, including when an applicant landed in the Approved stage.



  1. Hover over your username and click Company Settings. Click Webhooks on the left column. More information about webhooks here.
  2. Click Add Webhook.
  3. Fill in the information in the menu presented below. More information on how to fill this out here.
  4. Applicants are moved to the stage that triggers the webhook, Fountain automatically fires a webhook containing the applicant payload to the provided destination URL. (See "result format" here for an example applicant payload; "data" would include the applicant fields and value.)
  5. You map the Fountain applicant fields into the worker profile.
For testing, we recommend using Postman to try out/see the applicant payloads to map before switching to your company URLs.
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