HRIS / Internal Database

If you're looking to synchronize applicant data between Fountain and your internal database, look no further. This integration is relatively straightforward requires minimal engineering work.
The following is the workflow that is most typically used (pushing is more common than polling, though both are also possible):
  1. Fountain user adds your company admin URL as a webhook on the Approved stage (doable via your API page found under Company Settings; more info here).
  2. Applicants are moved to the Approved stage by Fountain user.
  3. Fountain automatically fires a webhook containing the applicant payload to the provided destination URL. (See "result format" here for an example applicant payload; "data" would include the applicant fields and value.)
  4. You map the Fountain applicant fields into the worker profile.
For testing, we recommend using Postman to try out/see the applicant payloads to map before switching to your company URLs.
If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at
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