How do I disable a message in a stage?

Sometimes, you may want to disable messages without completely deleting them. You can do this just with a tick of a box!

  1. Go to the Workflow Editor which is accessible via 'Jobs' (on the top left of the page) -> 'Openings' -> 'Actions' next to the Opening that you want to disable the message for, like so:

  2. From the Workflow Editor, choose the stage that you'd like to disable the message for. You can choose to disable any message from any stage you'd like.
  3. Let's say you want a message disabled in the Scheduler stage. Scroll down until you see the message and tick the checkbox 'Disable message'. That's it! This message will no longer be sent to applicants.

To start sending this message again, simply untick the box. However, this setting will not be retroactive; applicants in the past won't be receiving messages. If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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