With Scheduled Exports, you no longer need to manually navigate to the Reports section to download an export. Once added to the Export Scheduler, your export will auto-send from Fountain and be delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis.

*Scheduled Exports is an add-on feature and is not included in any base subscription to Fountain. Please contact support@fountain.com to add it to your account.

To add a new Scheduled Export, navigate to the Reports section of your Fountain account.

Then, go to Exports > Export Scheduler.

Click the blue 'Add Export' button, and a window will pop up:

  • Title - give your scheduled export a title/name.
  • Export - select an existing Custom or Timestamped Export that you would like to receive.
  • Export At - select the day(s) and time of day you would like to receive the export.
  • Time Zone - select the time zone in which you would like to receive the export.
  • Recipients - select the users to which you would like to send the scheduled export to.

Once you've entered in all of the information above, hit 'Add,' and you're all set! You'll be redirected to the Export Scheduler stage, where you can see all of your existing Scheduled Exports:

Here, Fountain displays the next export date and tracks the last time the scheduled export was generated. You can click on any of these column headers to sort your export data by the selected field.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at support@fountain.com

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