What are some examples of Message Templates that I can use?

To help you save time trying to figure out how to word your messages, we've put together some message templates! Note that the '' icon is for email messages, and the '' icon is for SMS messages.



Data Collection Stage

  • Data Collection Messages:


You are in the final stages of our onboarding process, and we are getting you fully set up to start taking shifts with [ACCOUNT_NAME]. Your next step is to review our documents. Once you've had a chance to look them over, feel free to let us know you've done so by using the link below, so we can move you along to the final steps of the onboarding process and set up your account with [ACCOUNT_NAME].


We are very excited to get started with you! Let us know if you have questions on any of this.




Tap on the following link to complete your application: [DATA_COLLECTION_FORM_URL] - Fountain 



Background Check Stage

  • Consent Messages:


As part of [ACCOUNT_NAME]'s application process, we have a thorough background check run on all of our professionals.

Please fill out this [BGC_CONSENT_LINK] to submit your information and consent to the background check.


Fountain: Hi [APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME], the next step of your [ACCOUNT_NAME] application process is a background check. Check your email for the submission link!



Scheduler Stage

  • Scheduler Messages:


Thanks for applying to [ACCOUNT_NAME]. We reviewed your application and would like to have you come in for an interview. Please select a date and time that works best for you below.



Hello [APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME], we would love to invite you in for an interview with [ACCOUNT_NAME]! Please visit the link to select a time that works for you: [AVAILABLE_SLOTS_LINK]. Thanks - Fountain


  • Confirmation Message:


Your phone interview is scheduled for [BOOKED_SLOT_PERIOD]!


We look forward to speaking with you!



Hi [APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME], your interview with Fountain is scheduled for [BOOKED_SLOT_START] - [BOOKED_SLOT_END]! Please check your email for more details. If you need to reschedule, please use this link: [BOOKED_SLOT_RESCHEDULE_URL].


  • Cancellation + Rescheduler Messages:


Your session with [SENDER_NAME] for [BOOKED_SLOT_STAGE] has been cancelled. It was originally scheduled for [BOOKED_SLOT_DATE] at [BOOKED_SLOT_TIME_RANGE].

If this is a mistake, please [BOOKED_SLOT_RESCHEDULE_LINK] or contact [SENDER_EMAIL].


Hello [APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME], your session with [ACCOUNT_NAME] has been cancelled.


  • Reminder Messages:


This is a reminder that your [BOOKED_SLOT_STAGE] with [ACCOUNT_NAME] is scheduled for:




Please contact us if you cannot make it or need to reschedule.


This is a friendly reminder that your [BOOKED_SLOT_STAGE] with [ACCOUNT_NAME] is scheduled for [BOOKED_SLOT_START]. [ONSITE_ADDRESS]. Please confirm your attendance by responding YES or NO. 



Document Signing Stage

  • Automated Messages:


Please complete the document signing that we require. Thank you very much.



Hi [APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME]! We are excited to have you work with us. Please complete the document signing that we require. Thank you very much. [DOCUMENT_SIGNING_LINK]



Learning Stage

  • Learning Messages:


Please take the following [LESSONLY_RESOURCE].

The course is made up of x interactive lessons. Upon watching the video we prepared for you (when applicable), please answer the questions attached to each lesson, so as to complete the learning process.

Upon passing the whole interactive course, you can continue with our onboarding process!





Hi [APPLICANT_NAME], please review the following onboarding materials to get onboarded with [ACCOUNT_NAME]!: [LESSONLY_LINK]


Video Recording Stage

  • Video Recording Messages:


Thanks so much for showing interest in Fountain! We were impressed by your application, and now you're invited to participate in the next stage of the application process - the video interview!

You will have x days to complete this step. If we do not receive your video within the next x days, we will reject your application. Please go to the following link to submit your video interview: [PORTAL_LINK]

Once you submit your video responses, our team will take a few days to review, and then we'll reach out regarding next steps.

A few tips before you submit your video:

  • Try to find a quiet location while you record your video
  • Please dress business casual, or as you would for a standard job interview
  • Feel free to record the video wherever it's convenient, but please make sure you are clearly visible and easy to hear.

Thanks so much for your interest in [ACCOUNT_NAME]! We're looking forward to learning more about you!


Hi [APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME]! Please visit the follow link to record your video interview. Make sure to check your email for details!  [PORTAL_URL]


For each of these stages, you can also add a Follow Up message. For example,

[APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME], you're so close to being done with the process! Please complete the document signing that we require for you to begin delivering and earning cash! [PORTAL_URL] 


If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at support@fountain.com

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