Before you start adding stages, make sure you have a plan for your workflow. If you need help planning your workflow, please read the article on designing your workflow.

This article will show you how to add a new stage as well as cloning a stage from another workflow, move the stage around and delete the stage


Add Stage

  1. You need to have an Opening first before you can add stages. Check out the article on how to add an Opening.
  2. Get into the Workflow Editor by clicking on Actions next to the Opening then Edit Workflow.

    Or, you can access it from the Applicant Table by clicking on  the gear icon at the top right corner. 

  3. In the Workflow Editor, click on the Add stage button, on the top right. Here, you can create a new stage or clone an existing stage.
  4. Give your new stage a title. If you're adding a new stage, select the stage type and specify where in the workflow you'd like to insert it.

    The window that pops up for cloning a stage will look a little different. With this option, you'll also need to specify which Position and Stage that you would like to clone from. 


    • Cloned stages will not contain automatic move rules.
    • Rule stages cannot be cloned.

  5. Click the blue button to confirm the add.


Move Stage

  1. Hold down the three-bar icon  icon to drag and drop the stage to the position you prefer. 

  2. When you release, the stage will automatically save at that position.


Delete Stage

  1. Make sure there are no applicants in the stage. If needed, please move the applicants out.
  2. Click on the stage, click the 

  3.  Click Ok to confirm the deletion.


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