How do I limit a user's access to only view and manage applicants?

How to Update User Permissions

To update user permissions, go to the 'Users' page in your Company Settings. From here, find the user and select 'Edit User' in their Actions dropdown.

Next, click 'Custom Permissions' and unselect everything except 'View and act on applicants.' This will allow them to click on labels and view all stages.

You can also further restrict users to only view specific stages. From the same 'Users' page, find the User and select 'Manage Opening Access' in their Actions dropdown.

From here, you can select which stages you'd like to give access to. In the example below, the user would only have access to the 'Approved' stage for the two Openings; the user would not have access to the other stages in the funnels. However, please keep in mind that a single user cannot have different levels of permissions for different stages.

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