How do I export a CSV of applicants who missed their sessions?

Our Sessions export feature can build reports for past, present, or upcoming sessions.

To generate an export of sessions, click on 'Sessions' in the main nav, and then 'Scheduled Sessions.' You'll land on the Scheduled Sessions page, where you can see your scheduled sessions organized by past, today, or upcoming.

If you want to see information for a specific date, you can simply filter the report by the date(s) you'd like to view. In a similar manner, you can export the CSV of applicants who missed their sessions by filtering the report by the date that they missed.

You can also customize your export data by using the Opening and Stage filters on the left hand side. Once you have your filters and past/today/upcoming set, you can click 'Export Data' to generate the CSV file -- an email with a link to download will land in your inbox.

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