Our Sessions export feature can build reports for past, present, or upcoming sessions. You can use this feature to see applicant's missed sessions, future appointments by a certain opening, or all past events that have happened. 

To generate an export of sessions, follow the steps below.

Prevent Excel from Incorrectly Altering your Data

When performing CSV exports in the product, Excel, Google Sheets, or other software programs may automatically convert the data provided to dates and/or numbers. This can potentially cause numbers that begin with 0 to be updated. For example, if a routing number is listed as 000234123, Excel may translate that number as 234123.

If there are values in your CSV that fit this criteria and may not be translated correctly, visit this resource for steps on preventing Excel from automatically altering your data.

Initiate Session Export

  1. Click on Sessions on the top navigation bar. You'll land on the Scheduled Sessions page, where you can see your scheduled sessions organized by past, today, or upcoming. You can also filter the report by each user's sessions, opening, and stage.
  2. Once you have your filters and past/today/upcoming set, you can click Export Data to generate the CSV file -- an email with a link to download will land in your inbox.

    Download Link

    The CSV file download link is only valid for one week, so be sure to download the file before it expires.

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