Video Recording Stages

Using Video Recording stages in your workflow is a great way to pre-screen applicants before allowing them to advance in your process and inviting them onsite to meet in-person. Applicants can record video responses on desktop, tablet, or mobile!

*The Video Recording stage is an add-on feature and is not included in any base subscription to Fountain. Please contact to add it to your account.

Adding and Setting Up the Video Recording Stage

  1. Once Video Recording stages have been enabled in your account, go to the Workflow Editor in your Fountain account.
  2. Click the 'Add stage' button and select 'Create New Stage.'
  3. Give the stage a title and select the Stage Type as Video Recording.
  4. Once the stage has been added, you can go into the settings by clicking on the stage:
    1. From here, you can add the questions you'd like for applicants to answer under the "Video Recording Questions" section; you can also set the maximum length for each recording. (For example, if you'd only like to give applicants 10 seconds to answer the question, then set the length as 10.) Each question can be up to a minute long, and you can have as many video recording questions as you would like.
    2. You can also enable the option to auto-advance applications to the next stage once they finish recording their responses (under the "Advanced Settings" section).

Video Recording from the Applicant's Perspective

Here's what the video recording process looks like from the applicant's perspective:

  1. The applicant either...
    a) receives an automated email containing a link that takes him/her to the Video Recording page in the Applicant Portal
    b) advances him/herself into the Video Recording stage from the previous stage in the Applicant Portal.
    The Video Recording stage will look like this (with the recording preview shown on the right hand side of the page):
  2. The applicant presses the 'Start recording' button, which then begins the recording.
  3. Once the applicant is done recording, he/she can press the bottom of the recording preview to stop the recording.
  4. The applicant then has the following options: accept, review recording, and re-record.

    The applicant can review (or rewatch) the recording, and re-record if he/she is unsatisfied with it.
  5. If the applicant is satisfied with the recording, then he/she can click 'Accept' and it will upload their recording to his/her Fountain profile.
  6. If there are multiple questions, the page will refresh and ask the applicant to record video responses to each question.
  7. The applicant will then see a page similar to the following (unless you allow applicants to advance to the next stage once their video recording is submitted):

Once applicants have recorded and submitted video responses, you can view the responses in their applicant profiles, like so:

And here's an informative walk through of what the Video Recording Stages look like to users vs. applicants!

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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