The Brand controls the look and feel of the Applicant Portal, Job Directory and Application Form of an Opening. Fountain supports multiple Brands with each having its own Brand name, logo, and Brand color. The Brand is applied to the Location level of the Opening, which allows you to apply the branded visual to multiple Openings that are in this Location at once.

What's Covered

Add a Brand

  • Go to Company Settings by clicking on your profile icon on the top right. 
  • Under the Brands section, click on brand(s).
  • Click the blue Add brand button.
  • Customize your brand by first typing in the Brand name (this name will be used externally).
  • Choose a Brand color with the color picker or enter the hex code for the color.
  • Upload a Brand logo.
  • Upload a square logo if you have one (highly recommend).

    Don't Have a Square Logo

    If your company does not have a square logo you can leave this section blank. Fountain will take your regular logo and shrink it down to fit into a square. This will be used on the job directory and application forms.

Click Save on the top bar. mceclip0.png





Updating or Removing a Brand

  1. To edit a brand, click on Actions next to the Brand you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit.
  1. To delete a brand click on Actions next to the Brand you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete. 
  3. Click on the red Delete Brand to confirm.




Apply Brand to Location

When you add a Location there is an option to set the Brand. Any Openings using that Location will now have this branded look for its Applicant Portal, Job Directory and Application Form.



Setting a Default Brand

If you have multiple brands, you want to set one as the default Brand so Locations that don't have a Brand selected will have this default Brand applied.

The default Brand is also applied to pages that are not Location specific (for example, the Job Directory).

  1. Click on Actions next to the brand you want to make as your default.
  2. Click Make default. 


Color Contrast and Accessibility

Within the Brand Editor, if the brand color that you’ve selected does not meet the accessibility contrast minimum, you will see a warning message alerting you that the color is not accessible. 


Why is Color Contrast Important?

Color contrast refers to the level of contrast between the text and the background on a website. If contrast is low, then the text can be hard or almost impossible to read. Higher contrast means that the text is easier to read.

Fountain will review for a background color with a high enough contrast to allow all individuals to easily view the colors in the application. This includes applicants with various kinds of color blindness.


Brand Design Best Practices

To keep the integrity of your brand's design, we recommend:

  1. Limit custom text to 50-75 words or fewer

  2. Show the Progress Bar and list of stages in the Applicant Portal

    If the Progress Bar and the list of stages are NOT showing on your Applicant Portal, you may have disabled the setting to show all your stages to applicants. Go to Company Settings and under Applicants section, check the checkbox that says Make all stages in an opening visible to applicants.

  3. Limit data collection forms to 5-7 questions or fewer

  4. Only include photos in your stage details when absolutely necessary

  5. Use a custom stage as an informational stage if you have a lot of text/content to display

  6. Add/edit text to the Pop-up Modal

    The Form Description will show up as a pop-up modal when the applicant first lands on the stage. In the Data Collection Stage settings page, click Edit Questions. Then edit the text in the Form description section.

    The Success Message will show up as a pop-up modal when an applicant completes the stage. In the Data Collection Stage settings page, click on Customize in the top right corner. Then edit the text in the Success Message section.

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