Administrators or any user with the permission Manager Users has the ability to invite users to Fountain.


Please note that any user invited to Fountain will need to have a role applied to their account. Roles are created based on a group of user permissions applied to the role.

Invite a User

  1. Navigate to Company Settings and click Users in the left menu bar. 


  2. Click Invite User.

  3. Fill out the new user details and select a role based on the permissions the new user should have. You can also choose to assign Custom Permissions. To learn more about user permissions, visit the User Permissions article.
  4. If the user account should use two-factor authentication, click the Require two-factor authentication checkbox. This will require the user to set up a second instance to authenticate when logging in.
  5. Click Invite.
  6. On the next screen, you can choose to restrict the user's private Opening or private stage access. To update the Private Opening access, check or uncheck the boxes to the left of the Location name or Opening's name. You can also choose to give access to all private Openings by checking the box to the left of Access All.
  7. To restrict stages that are visible to the user within a private Opening, check the box by the Opening's name, and then uncheck the stage boxes that you do not want visible to the user. Click Save to finish. 


Once a user is invited, they'll receive an email with instructions to login and setup their account for the first time.

Public Openings and their stages cannot be restricted. All users have access to public Openings. 

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