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Fountain AI is available as a premium feature. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in this feature.

Fountain AI streamlines the application process, optimizes efficiency for recruiters, and creates a positive applicant experience across the entire hiring funnel in order to get candidates to their first day of work.

With Fountain AI companies can instantly engage applicants by embedding a custom branded widget on the company's career site or website (no code required!). 

Watch the following video for an overview of Fountain AI:

What's Covered

Benefits and Functionality

Data Collection:

Fountain AI will streamline the application process by gathering comprehensive information from applicants. These questions are tied to your Data Collection stage(s). Applicants can start and continue their application from anywhere. For example, an applicant can start the application on their phone, move to a computer, and then complete it via text. This will keep applicants engaged and moving through the funnel without manual steps and is a great alternative to the traditional online application form. 




Interview and Orientation Scheduling:

Fountain AI can work with applicants to easily schedule and reschedule time slots related to interviews or orientations by providing a list of open slots, instant confirmation messages, and detailed reminders sent directly to the applicant's mobile device. It is important to remember to add slots on the Fountain calendar so that Fountain AI has slots to offer the applicant. 




Additional Support:

If the applicant needs to speak to a live recruiter, Fountain AI can connect them. Recruiters are notified via pop-up messages within the Fountain platform. Fountain AI can also provide a direct link to the traditional application form if the applicant prefers to see more options when responding to questions. 




Fountain AI Branding

The branding of the Fountain AI widget will directly flow from your Brand settings in the Company Settings page. To access and update your Brand settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Company Settings by clicking on your initials icon in the top right corner of any Fountain page.
  2. Click Company Settings in the dropdown.
  3. Click Brand under General settings in the toolbar on the left.

The logo and color on this page will flow into the Fountain AI widget as well as your application. If your company utilizes multiple brands, each brand can be selected in the dropdown on the widget code Company Settings page. Review the Fountain AI Widget Setup Help Center article for more information.


Turn on Data Collection for Fountain AI

To enable Fountain AI to ask Data Collection questions, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Workflow Editor for the Opening that contains the Data Collection stage you want connected to Fountain AI.
  2. Click the Data Collection stage on the left. 
  3. Under Data Collection Form, toggle on Enable Data Collection Bot
  4. Click Save Changes in the top right corner.


To eliminate bias in the hiring process, Fountain AI will hide the question type labeled secure in Fountain Data Collection Stages. This means that the applicant will be able to see and answer these questions in the widget, however, only users with access to secure fields will be able to review these answers in the Applicant Profile.

Recruiter Notifications

If an applicant needs recruiter assistance, you can receive a notification from Fountain AI through your web browser. This notification is the same kind of notification as the SMS/WhatsApp notifications you receive for unread applicant messages within the Messenger screen in Fountain. To turn on Fountain AI Recruiter notifications, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Profile Settings by clicking on your initials icon in the top right corner of any Fountain page.
  2. Click My Profile in the dropdown.
  3. Scroll down to the Notifications box.
  4. Check the box for Enable desktop/email notification for Fountain AI human handoff.


If you are having issues receiving Fountain AI messages, review the Messenger 2.0 Notifications Help Center article for troubleshooting tips. 

Fountain AI Communication

Communication sent by Fountain AI to an applicant can be seen via the Applicant Profile or within the Messenger screen in Fountain.

  • Automated Fountain messaging text will have a gray background. This includes Fountain AI text if the applicant started the application via the web widget.
  • Fountain user messages will have a dark blue background.
  • All manual messages will have a white background. This includes messages from the applicant.

  • If the applicant started the application via the traditional web application but then used the web widget to complete some stages, the Fountain AI messages will be in purple. 

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