Fountain AI Widget Setup

Add-On Feature

Fountain AI is available as a premium feature. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in this feature.

Fountain AI can be quickly embedded into your company's company's career site or website with only a few easy steps (no code required!). 

Widget Setup

To set up the widget on your company website, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Company Settings by clicking on your initials icon in the top right corner of any Fountain page.
  2. Click Company Settings in the dropdown.
  3. Click Fountain AI in the toolbar on the left. 
  4. If desired, change the brand with the Brand dropdown.
  5. Click the paper icon to the right of the code to copy the Widget HTML code.
  6. Paste the widget code into the HTML of any webpage where you'd like to display the chatbot. Place the code before the </body> tag of your webpage. 




Contact your website administrator if you do not have access to edit the webpage. 
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