Fountain AI Widget Setup

Add-On Feature

Fountain AI is available as a premium feature. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in this feature.

Fountain AI can be quickly embedded into your company's company's career site or website with only a few easy steps (no code required!). 

Widget Setup

To set up the widget on your company website, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Company Settings by clicking on your initials icon in the top right corner of any Fountain page.
  2. Click Company Settings in the dropdown.
  3. Click Fountain AI in the toolbar on the left. 
  4. If desired, change the brand with the Brand dropdown.
  5. Update any desired widget settings. Learn more about widget settings in the section below. 
  6. Click Save Settings
  7. Click Preview widget to see what the widget will look like. The widget preview will open in a new tab within your web browser. 
  8. Click Copy Code to copy the Widget HTML code.
  9. Paste the widget code into the HTML of any webpage where you'd like to display the chatbot. Place the code before the </body> tag of your webpage. 
  10. We recommend that you verify that the chat widget is working properly by navigating to your website, refreshing the page, and checking that the chat widget is visible on the desired pages.

Additional Information

Active vs. Inactive Openings

The widget exclusively displays active openings, ensuring applicants see the most relevant and up-to-date job opportunities.

Location, Position, and Opening Names

If you want to change the name of the location, position, or opening shown in the widget, the change will need to be made within Fountain's Opening setup.

Widget Settings

  • Open chat window by default: choose between an open or closed widget. You can see the difference between open and closed widgets below. Fountain recommends having the chat window open to increase conversion rates. 


  • Remote job visibility: choose to show remote jobs or not show remote jobs within the widget. If you choose to turn this toggle on, remote jobs will be shown in the widget job and position dropdown. If you turn this toggle off, the remote jobs will not be visible in the web widget.

  • Select location radius: choose to show jobs in a certain radius. The default radius is 50 miles which is what Fountain recommends, but this can be adjusted per preference.

  • Select Openings: choose certain openings you want visible in the chat widget. If none are selected, then all openings will show.

  • Location dropdown limit: choose a limit for locations instead of a free type location search. Depending on the limit set, the widget will offer either free location search or a dropdown of locations so there is no confusion about where the openings are located.


Contact your website administrator if you do not have access to edit the webpage. 
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