Idle Applicants Broken URL

Applicants become idle when they sit within a stage for a specified amount of time which is determined within the stage's setup within the Idle Move Rule section. 


Once an applicant becomes idle for more than six months, any previously provided portal URLs such as the URL within an automated or manual email or text message, will not work. The applicant will receive a "page cannot be found" screen when clicking the URL.

They will also see the page cannot be found screen if they are sent a new URL and their idle status has not changed. 


To correct the URL issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the applicant within the Applicant Table or Universal Applicant View.
  2. Complete one of the following actions to reset the applicant's idle time: 
    • Transition the applicant from one stage to another
    • Send a background check email to the applicant
    • Update the applicant's booked session on the calendar
    • Create or update the applicant's background check report 
    • Create or update their document signature request
    • Ask the applicant to complete the stage they are idle in
  3. By triggering an event that will change the applicant's idle status, the portal URL will begin working again. 

To learn more about Idle Move Rules, review the related Help Center article


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