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Please note that the instructions in this article pertain to a third-party provider and as such may not reflect all current settings. Should you have any questions or issues, please contact the third-party provider directly.

With the Fountain and Branch integration, you can eliminate the hassle of collecting payment information and seamlessly add it to the onboarding process. Instantly push worker payments, including paychecks, tips, mileage, rewards, and more—directly to your workers’ phones.

Faster hires + Faster pay = A better worker experience.

What's Covered 

Set up a Branch App Integration

Users can add the Branch App integration via the Fountain Integrations webpage. Click on the initials icon in the top right-hand corner, then click IntegrationsScreening.

    1. Contact your CSM or to enable Branch on your account.
    2. Contact the Branch Client Services team by emailing to request the API key and Account ID. You can also visit and fill out the form to connect with the Branch Client Services team. 

      You MUST have the Branch API key and Account ID in order to integrate. Copy and paste your account’s API Key and Account ID and click the Save Changes button to turn on the integration.


Add Branch App to the Workflow Editor

After you integrate with the Branch App on the Integrations page, you'll be able to add the Branch App Partner stage to the Workflow Editor

Navigate to the job opening you want to add the Branch App stage to and select Add Stage Create a new stage. Visit the Add Stage section in this article for details on how to add stages.

Example of the Branch App stage type in the Workflow Editor:

Branch App Partner Rule Stage

Applicant Experience

When an applicant lands on the Branch App Partner Stage in the workflow, they will receive a message instructing them to check their email inbox for an invitation link to their Branch account.

They will download the Branch App to their mobile device, complete sign up, and agree to the terms and conditions. Once they complete these steps, the Fountain application page will refresh and bring them to the next stage in the Opening's workflow. 

Accessing Branch PayAdmin

If you need to login to the PayAdmin Branch website, click any in Branch related Status Labels and click PayAdmin in the dropdown. This will open the PayAdmin login screen in a new tab within your web browser. 

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