Where can I view an applicant's information? (Applicant Profile)

The Applicant Profile is where you can see everything about an individual's submitted application. To access the profile, click on an applicant’s name in the Applicant Table and the profile should open up to the right.

Alongside the applicant’s name, phone number, and email, you may see photos and links to social media profiles on some of the Applicant Sidebars. When possible, Fountain will pull a photo and social media profiles linked to the applicant’s email automatically.
Below the Header, you can see a quick snapshot of the applicant’s current stage, scheduled appointments, background check status, documents signed, etc.
The 'Info' tab displays all of the applicant’s submitted information. Users with the correct permissions can edit applicants' responses by hovering over the response and clicking on the edit icon.
The 'History' tab allows you to see all of the movements and actions the applicant or users have made. Actions are trackable by date, medium (email/SMS), type (scheduler, background check, data collection), and the user who performed the action. Additionally, all sent SMS, emails, etc. can be viewed from this tab.
The 'Files' tab contains all of the files uploaded to the applicant's profile.
The top right corner of the Applicant Profile is the Notes tool. Your team is able to collaboratively leave notes on applicants in this text box. Written notes and edits will automatically save -- simply click out of the Notes box and wait for the “Saved” text to appear).

The bottom right corner of the applicant profile shows the SMS message history between your company and the applicant; you can also communicate with the applicant from here.  

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at support@fountain.com.

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