How do I perform actions on applicants?

Users are able to perform Actions directly from the Applicant Table or from the Applicant Profile. If you select multiple applicants in the Applicant Table, you can also perform Bulk Actions to all selected applicants at once.
Most Actions should be outlined below -- some Actions can only be performed on a particular Stage Type (i.e. Directly Schedule, Run Background Check, etc.), and some can be performed from any stage (i.e. Send Email, Move to Next Stage, etc).
Send Email
Unlike the automated emails that are sent based on Stage Types, you can manually send custom emails. This custom email will be sent from the email address that is associated with your Fountain account. A couple of tips here: you can also select multiple applicants in the Applicant Table and send out a bulk custom email, and you can also set up a custom type Message Template. More information on sending custom emails here.
Note - merge keys will not work in custom emails.
Send Text/SMS
If you have SMS enabled, you can manually send individual SMS messages to applicants. The SMS message will be sent from the assigned SMS number indicated under the Opening's Location. You can also view the SMS engagements with the applicant under the Applicant Profile or Messenger.
Note - merge keys will not work in manual SMS.
Move to Next Stage
Advancing an applicant will move the applicant to the next stage in the workflow and will preview any messages and/or actions that Fountain will send; you can opt out of triggering messages and actions from this window as well.
Move to Stage...
Similar to advancing applicants, the Move to Stage feature will let you move the applicant to any stage in the workflow. Again, the preview window will appear and display any and all messages and/or actions that Fountain will send to the applicant.
Note - under Bulk Actions, you can move applicants across Positions with the "Move to stage" feature.
The Reject... feature allows you to move an applicant to the 'Rejected' stage.
When you reject an applicant using Actions, a window will pop up asking you to select a Rejection Reason. (Remember, these are managed from the Positions view.) Like the Move to stage feature, you will also have the option to prevent automated emails/actions from sending out to applicants.
Note - you can move multiple applicants using Bulk Actions, but only one rejection reason can be selected for/applied to them.
Score Applicant
If you have a Scorecard set up, you can start using them to score applicants. A window will open and have you choose the Scorecard you want to use; from there, you can score the applicant on and add notes to the each of the questions.
Once applicants are scored, their Scores and results will display towards the top of their Applicant Profiles. You can also add scores as a filter to the Applicant Table!
Upload File
This option allows you to upload a file to an Applicant's Profile.
Print Data
If you need a paper copy of an applicant's information, you can use Print Data to download a PDF and print the document from your computer.
Edit Applicant
This feature is particularly useful when you need to fix a mistake an applicant has made on his/her application or data collection form, or if you need to add a new custom field to the applicant's profile. Once saved, the changes to the applicant will be reflected in his/her profile.
Delete Applicant
Sometimes an applicant sends in more than one application, which results in duplicate profiles in Fountain. When this happens, you'll want to use the Delete Applicant feature to remove the duplicate profile and clean up your Applicant Table.
Note - we highly recommend reviewing duplicate applicant profiles; if the information in the profiles differ, then you should consider consolidating all of the information into one profile before deleting the duplicate.
If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at
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