Third-Party Provider

The following article contains instructions utilizing a 3rd party product that Fountain does not support. Please note that this article is for reference to help you get started and may not be reflective of your integration as it depends on your 3rd party's account settings. For any questions, please contact the 3rd party directly.

What's Covered



Fountain is able to integrate with an API-level DocuSign account. This is different than a normal DocuSign account, so make sure you check which account you have. They must have the following requirements in order to work.

  • The signer role in must be Applicant and the name and email address should not be specified.
    If this is not set up properly, DocuSign will not recognize the fields that you have set up in the template and will force applicants to drag and drop signature boxes and fields into the document before they can sign. 
  • The email that is sent from DocuSign must be specified in DocuSign itself.


Setting Up DocuSign Integration

  1. Ensure that you have a DocuSign API account (this is different than the general account). There are three types of DocuSign API plans you can have; Basic API, Intermediate API, or Advance API. Screen_Shot_2019-12-05_at_12.28.59_PM.pngIf your account is not one of these the integration will fail to work.  The DocuSign API Plans and Pricing page can be found here
  2. If you realize you do not have a DocuSign API account, you'll need to contact your DocuSign account manager to have your current plan changed to one of the API plans.
  3. Once you have a DocuSign API account, please send an email to to begin the setup process. In the email please include your DocuSign API Account username and password.

Please note- If your plan is listed on the image below, you do not have an API plan and the integration will fail to work correctly.




From the User side

In the workflow editor, you can log into DocuSign and view all of your API account's templates. They must select their template, which will send when the applicant lands on the stage.


From the Applicant side

When the applicant enters a DocuSign stage, they will get an email from DocuSign with the document they need to sign. An email from Fountain is optional. The applicant portal will tell the applicant to check their email, but they are not directed back to the portal.


Updating Labels

When someone signs a document, we will not automatically be notified. Instead, we pull DocuSign statuses every hour for applicants in the last two hours. View more information about labels here.

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