How do I clone an existing position to create a new position?

Fountain allows you to "clone" a position (essentially make a copy of an existing position). This way, you don't have to recreate the same workflow and sorting conditions over and over again.

Example Use Case: I want to create a "Chicago Drivers" that is an exact replica of my "San Francisco Drivers" position, then make location-specific edits later.

Cloning a Position

  1. Navigate to 'Positions' from Jobs section.
  2. Decide which position that you want to make a copy of (i.e. LA Delivery).
  3. Click 'Actions' > 'Clone'
  4. Title the cloned position something unique (i.e. OC Drivers).
  5. Click 'Clone.'

Position Settings (Time Zone and Sorting Conditions)

If you're using a form that isn't hosted by Fountain (like Wufoo, Typeform, a custom form, etc), you'll likely want to change the sorting conditions of the newly cloned position to match the new position.

Here's a deeper look into editing sorting conditions, but for the sake of example, here's what we would do after cloning "Chicago Drivers":

  1. Under Sorting Conditions of your newly cloned position, it should still be the same as the position that it was cloned from. (In this case, pretend we have "city" equal to "San Francisco" and "which_position_are_you_applying_for" equal to "driver".)
  2. Modify them to match exactly how the intended response is on the form. (So, we would change "San Francisco" to "Chicago" and keep "driver".)
  3. Update the time zone accordingly, and the country. Add an address if you'd like to use it as a merge key in emails or SMS.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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