Custom Exports allow you to pull applicant data points from any position and stage into a spreadsheet format (CSV). You can customize what data you export for a wide variety of uses, like:

  • 'T-Shirt Size', 'Name' and 'Location' for worker uniforms
  • 'Name', 'Phone Number' and 'Email' for workforce scheduling systems
  • 'Name' and  'Address' for W-9 paperwork

Add, Edit, and Delete a Custom Export

1. To start a custom export, navigate to Analytics at the top of the page you are in within Fountain then select Exports.

2.  You should land in the Custom Exports section.


3.  To create a new Custom Export template, click the New export button on the right, which will open the Export Template Editor.Custom_Exports_3.png

4.  Fill in the Template Name. Then, click Add Source. Select the openings and stages you want to pull data from. You can select multiple openings and stages. 

5.  Select which Fields to Export. Select the ones in the dropdown menu -- you can select multiple. 

6.  Click Save.


7.  You should now be returned to the Custom Exports Page. Click Download to the right of the template you created. If you want to edit or delete a template, click Manage on the right and click edit or delete.


8.  You'll receive an email with the link to the export at the email address associated with your account. Please note that the download link in the email will expire after one week!

Prevent Excel from Incorrectly Altering your Data

When performing CSV exports in the product, Excel, Google Sheets, or other software programs may automatically convert the data provided to dates and/or numbers. This can potentially cause numbers that begin with 0 to be updated. For example, if a routing number is listed as 000234123, Excel may translate that number as 234123.

If there are values in your CSV that fit this criteria and may not be translated correctly, visit this resource for steps on preventing Excel from automatically altering your data.

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