Whether you're getting started with Fountain coming from a manual process, or have applicants from a different process you want to import, Fountain CSV import gets you running quickly.

What's Covered


Prepare CSV

Before you begin the import process, double check a few elements about your CSV:

  1. Your file is a CSV, not an Excel (.xlsx) or Numbers (.numbers) file. Both applications allow for export to CSV by going to File --> Export.
  2. Your CSV, at minimum, has filled columns for 'Name' (or 'First Name' and 'Last Name'), 'Email' and 'Phone Number.' 
  3. You are importing into a single position. If your CSV will feed into multiple positions, you will need to split the CSV into multiple files for each position. Filters will NOT work for CSV imports. If you'd like to import existing workers into Fountain, please import them into the Approved stage.


Import CSV 

  1. In the Positions view, click on the '+' button towards the top right of the page, and select Import CSV.
  2. You can view our sample CSV to ensure that your columns are named correctly.
  3. Upload your file, select the stage you'd like the file to land in, and click Import applicants. Depending on the size of your file, it may take some time for your data to import into Fountain.
  4. In a few minutes, refresh your browser and you should see all your applicants in the selected stage. If you want to move them to a later stage, select them and move them to any future stage.


  1. You should receive an email containing the number of successful imports, failed imports, and duplicate imports once the import has been completed.

    Note: Duplicate Applicants

    Please note that if there is a duplicate applicant that already exists in the Opening that you are importing the CSV into, the duplicate applicant in the CSV will not be imported. If the duplicate applicant lives in a different Opening, the duplicate applicant in the CSV WILL be imported.

  2. Check the stage in Fountain to confirm that the numbers are correct.
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