Within the Applicant Table, labels are useful indicators of the progress within a stage. All stages with automated actions have their own labels, and you can also add your own custom labels to track any manual progress. Want to add automated actions from outside of Fountain? Our API allows you to manipulate labels, which can trigger stage changes.

Let's jump into different label types to understand what's going on. For stages with specific automated behavior, the labels are very specific.

What's Covered


All Stages

Idle Days

All stages have an 'idle days' label that tells you how long an applicant has been idle within a specific position. This is useful in understanding when trigger messages and automatic move rules will execute.

Custom Labels

In any stage, you can create your own labels to mark applicants with any applicable criteria (labels are kept from stage to stage). In Workflow Editor, you can also determine if the "completion" of a label triggers a move to the next stage. Because of this functionality and our API which allows you to update a label, external applications can advance applicants from one stage to the next in Fountain.

To create a custom label, hover over your name at the top right of any Fountain page and click on 'Company Settings.' From there, click on the 'Labels' link in the left navigation bar under "App settings" to add your new custom label. Click "Manage Labels" to add the new label.

Once you create the label, you'll need to select the Openings and stages that this applies to, and you will then be able to see it in the applicant table. When you click on the label, it activates it to green:

To make a rule that if all labels are selected, move to the next stage, enable the option in the Workflow Editor:


Scheduler Stage

Scheduler stages are used to manage the scheduling process with applicants. If your Workflow Editor settings have the scheduler message auto-sending when an applicant enters the stage, you'll immediately see the "Sent Scheduler" label applied to the applicant:

If you have not enabled the scheduler to send automatically, you will need to send the scheduler using the actions drop-down on the applicant.

To track the progress of the applicant in this stage, the initial state is 'Haven't scheduled', signifying that the applicant has yet to select a time slot. The grey color indicates that this label will 'light up' once the action has completed.

Once the action has been completed, you will see a blue label with the time and date of the scheduled slot:

If the applicant's session is cancelled the 'Cancelled' label will appear to alert you that the session has been cancelled.


If the appointment slot has passed (and you have taken no action to reject or move the applicant), the 'Past' label will appear to help you differentiate this applicant.

If the applicant has been advanced or moved to a different stage but still holds onto their scheduled slot, an 'Open Session' label will appear to call your attention. In actions, you can click 'Cancel Open Session' to allow other applicants to claim that time slot.

Data Collection Stage

The data collection stage, which allows you to collect additional data and collect documents from applicants. When an applicant is moved into this kind of stage, an email with a link to the data collection form is automatically sent to the applicant. At this point, the label will indicate that you are waiting for the applicant to complete the data collection.

When the applicant fills out the data collection form, and if auto-advance once completed is OFF, you will see the applicant remain in the Data Collection stage, with a green label indicating that the data collection is finished:

Background Check Stage

Background check stages have many options, and your labels will depend on when in the process you choose to collect consent to run the check.

If the background check consent process begins at the start of the Background Check Stage (as an alternative, you could include the link in any earlier step to collect consent earlier in the process) Fountain will send the applicant an email asking them to consent to a background check. At this point, two labels will appear:

These two labels signify that the BGC consent email has yet to be opened and that the BGC has not yet been run. When the applicant consents to the background check, the label will turn blue and display what kind of consent has been received (SSN, DL, or SSN + DL):

When you choose to run the background check (which you can also automate once consent is received), the blue label will either turn green or red depending on the results of the background check:

Pending means that the applicant's background check is currently running. Clear means that the applicant's background raised no issues. In the Workflow Editor, you can automatically advance an applicant from a background check stage if they are clear. The label will remain with them throughout the workflow. Consider means that there is something in their background, and your judgement/policy will determine if they should make it to the next round. Suspended means that the applicant has submitted one or more pieces of information that is missing or incorrect, and Checkr needs additional documents or information in order to complete the report. In this case, the applicant will need to check his/her Checkr applicant portal to find out what is needed and how to submit the necessary documents to complete the report.

Additional Checkr Labels

No background check or consent has been run

Received Checkr Consent: SSN + DL
Different checks require different documents. Criminal background checks require SSN while Motor Vehicle checks only require DL. This label states that applicants have consented to both.

Background Check - (Package Type): Pending
Consent has been gathered and background check has been started

Background Check - (Package Type): Suspended
The report cannot be completed because information is missing or cannot be verified. Checkr has contacted the applicant to submit additional documents.
Typically reports are suspended if the necessary documents are not provided within 7 days. The report is re-initiated once the information is confirmed. See our exceptions article for more information.

Background Check - (Package Type): Consider (Pre Adverse Action)
This means that you have reviewed the information that was marked consider and decided that you do not intend to move forward with the candidate based on that information. If you choose this option, you will begin an Adverse Action process (i.e. Post-Adverse Label)

Background Check - (Package Type): Consider (Post Adverse Action)
Once you have waited the required amount of time – including time required for the resolution of any dispute – you must provide a final notice of your decision if you have decided not to move forward with the candidate.

Background Check - (Package Type): Consider (Engaged)
This means that you have reviewed the information that was marked as consider and decided that you intend to move forward with the candidate based on that information.

MVR Only (Mvr Only): Clear
Motor Vehicle Check complete and cleared

Background Check - (Package Type): Clear
Background check is complete and cleared

Failed background check
Background check has failed. View Checkr for results

Not Consented
Applicant has not consented to background check yet. They need to click on the consent link provided by Fountain to proceed.

The report is complete, and the applicant has contacted Checkr to contest its accuracy. Adjudication is blocked while a report status is Dispute.
The reinvestigation window for disputed reports is a maximum of 30 days. Your team is notified by email upon the conclusion of a reinvestigation.


Learning Stage

Learning stages, used for our integration with Lesson.ly, informs you that a Lesson request has been incomplete (the applicant has yet to start or hasn't finished) or completed. If the lesson is completed, it will either be green (passed) or pink (did not pass) and include the applicant's score.


If you have enabled an auto-advance from the completion of a lesson, you may not see 'Lesson completed' -- the applicant will auto-advance to the next stage. The threshold for 'passing' a lesson is determined by the lesson integration partner (Lesson.ly).

Document Signing Stage

Document signing stages, powered by our partners HelloSign and DocuSign, tell you when a document has been sent (and is unopened), has been opened and read by the applicant, and has been signed.

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