Setting Up Lessonly Integration

  1. Make sure that you have lessons OR courses in your Lessonly account.
  2. In your Lessonly account, go to your settings and copy the Lessonly API key.
  3. Return to Fountain, hover over your name at the top right, and click on Integrations > Screening.
  4. Click the blue 'Connect' button next to Lessonly.
  5. Paste your subdomain and Lessonly API key into the Fountain integration settings. Make sure to enter in your subdomain as well (Anonymous Login Security Key and Process Integration Security Key are both optional):
  6. Paste the Fountain webhook URL ( into your Lessonly webhook settings, under 'Reporting Webhook':
  7. Once the callback/subdomain/API key is set up, you can assign a Lessonly lesson or course to your learning stage.


  1. When an applicant lands in this stage, you can either A) Use a merger key to send the link to the lesson in an automated email (Recommended) OR B) Have send an automated email.
  2. Once the lesson is complete, notifies Fountain indicating the completion of the lesson.
  3. If the lesson is completed, you have an option to auto-move the applicant to the next stage of the workflow.
  4. Duplicates are not allowed on, so we have built around that constraint -- applicants with the same email will have the same object (so applicants who previously cleared will also show as cleared for all the applicants with the same email).
  5. statuses are included in the applicant object for the Fountain API.

Settings and Management

  • If you want the applicant to return to applicant portal immediately after completing the course (Recommended), please enable that option in your Lessonly dashboard. Please ping your Lessonly contact for more information - we've built around this functionality.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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