Message Delivery - Email, SMS, Unsubscribe

Email Delivery

An Email will be sent to an Applicant address with defined in Message subject and content. Usually, it’s sent from with sender email in Reply-To address.

From: John Smith <>

Reply-To: John Smith <>

To: Lovely Applicant <>

This behavior can be changed with two ways. The first one is  “Send emails from recruiter address...”  on the Account Settings page. This option is not enabled by default. We highly recommend not to enable this option because it can cause email bounces and spam reports.

When this option is enabled email will look like this:

From: John Smith <>

Reply-To: John Smith <>

To: Lovely Applicant <>

The second ways is to enable Gmail integration for a user. If it is enabled and the user is the sender of the message it will be delivered directly from his email via the Gmail API.


SMS Delivery

You can see the additional information about SMS delivery in a separate document. In short, SMS will be delivered to a linked position number or just to first account number if it’s not specified for position.



Any applicant can unsubscribe from Emails with a link in Email footer or from SMS responded with stop, unsubscribe or cancel in the content.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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