How do I send one-off, custom (email or SMS) messages to applicants?

Each message has a type associated with it, so we know when to deliver it to the applicant. Here is an overview of how Fountain handles individual, custom messages to applicants sent via the 'Actions' button in the Applicant Table or Applicant Profile.

Custom Messages

This type of message can be sent to an Applicant by a user at any time, manually. Email and SMS are separated here. To send a custom message, head over to the Applicants view, and click on the 'Actions' button next to the applicant's name.

Custom Email

To send an email to an applicant, you have to fill the below form -- you can select a Message Template to use (must be a 'Custom' type) if you would like, or enter in the Subject and Email content on the fly. If the latter, you can save your custom email as a new Message Template to use again later.

You can also choose to send your custom email now, or at a later time:



Custom SMS

To send an SMS to an applicant, you have to fill out the below form. Again, you can use an existing SMS Message Template (must be a 'Custom' type), or type out the message content you would like to use. This form also displays the 'Sending from' phone number number, as well as character counter to estimate the number of SMS segments.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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