You can use Timestamped Exports to see exactly when applicants land in each stage of your workflow, along with a other data items like with whom their sessions were scheduled with.

Here are some example use cases for Timestamped Exports:

  • See how many applicants were moved to the 'Approved' stage in the past week
  • Calculate the no-show rate for interview or orientation sessions
  • Track the average speed to hire over time beyond the scope of Fountain Activities Overview

Timestamped Export

1.  To create a Timestamped export, navigate to Analytics at the top of the page you are in within Fountain, then select Exports.


2.  Select Timestamped Exports.

3.  Click the New export button, which will open the Export Template Editor.

4.  In this example, we'll export the utm_source of all applicants in the San Francisco Movers opening, so we can see how many of them were approved in the past month and also see which source they used to apply (i.e. Indeed, Facebook, Craigslist, etc.).

5.  Give the new Timestamped Export a title. For this example, we're going to name it Approved Date & Source.

6.  Select the dates you would like to pull your data from. For this example, we're going to select 06/01 to 06/30. (The default is "Today.")

7.  Select any additional data keys you'd like to pull along. Here, we're going to add utm_source since we want to see where our applicants are coming from.

8.  Lastly, select the openings you'd like to pull your information from.

9.  You've created a template! For the example we used, it should look like the below:Timestamped_Exports_3.png

10.  Click Save. Then, you'll be redirected to the Timestamped Exports page, where you can click Download to begin downloading your export. You'll receive an email with the link to the export at the email address associated with your account. Please note that the download link in the email will expire after one week.

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