Every company has different processes for screening applicants. To ensure users can customize their hiring workflows per their needs, Fountain offers a multitude of Stage Types to streamline and automate your workflows, while increasing efficiency and reducing time to hire.

What's Covered

Types of Stages 

Stage Type Functionality

Background Check or ID Scan

Integrations with Accurate,Checkr and others 

Applicants complete a consent form and continue with their application.

Use Cases: Collect the consent now and run checks immediately or later. Run the Vehicle Driving Record (MVR) and Criminal Background Check together or separately.


A customizable blank page with an optional "click to advance" link that will advance the Applicant to the next stage.

Use Cases: Welcome or informational stage with click to advance link. A holding stage for where Applicants can't advance until a User manually moves them, usually after reviewing their application.

Data Collection

Applicants upload documents and/or respond to questions.  The questions can be multiple choice, dropdown, checkbox, date picker questions, etc. 

Document Signing

Usage fee applies

Applicants complete and sign designated areas of the document. Users may pre-fill fields with Merge Fields that pull in responses from Applicant questions. Users may also pre-fill signatures on a PDF or sing the document after an Applicant signed.

Use Cases: Agreement/contracts, W9 tax forms, release forms.

Email to PDF

Applicants can use this stage to send a PDF of a document they need to review.

Use Cases: Send a copy of terms and conditions for review, an onboarding document for completion, etc.

Please note: Email to PDF is in the process of being deprecated. As an alternative, Fountain suggests adding an attachment to the stage landing message for the next steps. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@fountain.com for assistance. 


Add-on feature. Can be used with E-Verify integration

Applicants use this stage to digitally complete an I9 form for verification. 


Integration with Lessonly or Northpass

Online lessons and quizzes.

Use Cases: In-depth orientation about job or tutorial for your app.


A versatile stage type that holds several 'sub-stages' that can be completed in any order by Applicants. This allows applicants to complete multiple steps in a single stage of the application.

Use Cases: Complete verification and data collection steps seamlessly, process multiple documents for collection while an internal review is underway, etc.

Personality Assessment 

Integration with Harver

The applicant completes a 2-minute image-based behavior assessment. A fit score is generated based on a pre-set benchmark of traits that are regarded as successful for the position you're screening for.

Use Cases: Quickly select for an Applicant's ideal personality fit to minimize attrition in the future.


A session is any scheduled event booked in a Scheduler Stage. This stage is most commonly used to host Interviews, Trainings, and Orientations.

Use Cases: In-person or phone interview; orientation; pick-up gear.


Add-on feature

Applicants sign a 'Text-Version' of a simple PDF document that can be emailed.

Note: Unlike the 'Document Signature' stage type, it does not render with the original document format and only supports a single-signature.

Live Video

Add-on feature 


This feature is an interactive way for you to actively engage with applicants that enables you to meet and speak to applicants virtually.

Video Recording

Usage fee applies

Applicants respond to a written prompt with a video recording. They may record this video at any time upon landing in the stage but within the allotted recording time limit (we suggest setting this no longer than 30 seconds).

Use Cases: Replaces a phone screen or interview.



This stage can be used to skip a stage, fast-track applicants, or even auto-reject applicants. Rule Stages can automatically be moved to another stage in any Opening, or update their profile based on certain criteria.


Ready to add some Stages?

Check out this article on adding stages to your Opening's workflow.

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