What types of Stages are available to build my workflow?

Setting up your workflow process in Fountain is easy! All you need to do is divide up your screening process into stages in which different types of actions take place.

Types of Stages

There are seven different types of stages you can add to put together your workflow:

  • Custom - for when you need to manually screen or take a manual action before moving applicants to the next stage.
  • Scheduler - for when you want the applicant to schedule a time on the calendar (i.e. for a phone screen or in-person interview).
  • Background Check (integrated with Checkr) for when you want to run a background check on applicants.
  • Background Check (integrated with Onfido) for when you want to run a background check on applicants.
  • Document Signing - (integrated with HelloSign or DocuSign) for when you want to send applicants a document and have them sign it.
  • Data Collection - for when you want to send an applicant a form and have them fill out more information (i.e. driver's license or insurance information).
  • Learning - used in conjunction with a third party training software called Lesson.ly, which allows you to have applicants complete lessons and take quizzes.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at support@fountain.com.

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