Every company has a different application process when it comes to hiring, even within a company, the same position may differ depending on location. To give you more flexibility and customizability, Fountain provides 8 different types of Stages (from screening to onboarding actions such as questionnaires, lessons, and document signing) to build your hiring workflow so it's specific to your hiring needs.

What's Covered


Types of Stages 

Stage Type Functionality

Background Check

Integration with Accurate or Checkr

The applicant will be asked to fill out a consent form for a background check.

Use Cases: Collect the consent now and run checks later or immediately. Run the Vehicle Driving Record (MVR) and Criminal Background Check together or separately.


A versatile blank page with an optional "click to advance" link that will proceed the applicant to the next stage.

Use Cases: Welcome or information stage with click to advance link, a holding stage for manual reviews where applicants can't move forward until a team member manually moves them

Data Collection

Applicants can upload documents and/or respond to questions (multiple-choice, dropdown, checkbox, date picker questions, open text box)

Document Signing

Usage fee applies

Applicants can sign and fill out designated areas of the document. You can also pre-fill out parts of the form with merge fields from the applicant profile or opening.

Use Cases: Agreement/contracts, W9 tax forms, release forms

Email to PDF

Applicants can use this stage to send a pdf of a document they need to review.

Use Cases: Send a copy of terms and conditions they must look at, an onboarding document for completion...etc.


Add-on feature. It can be used with E-Verify integration

Applicants use this stage to digitally complete an I9 form for verification. 


Integration with Lessonly or Northpass

Online lessons and quizzes.

Use Cases: In-depth orientation about job or tutorial for your app


A versatile stage type, that allows you to configure several 'sub-stages' that can be completed in any order by Applicants. This allows applicants to complete multiple steps in a single standard stage of the application process.

Use Cases: Streamline existing processes, complete verification and data collection steps seamlessly, process multiple documents for collection while an internal review is underway...etc.

Personality Assessment 

Integration with Traitify

The applicant completes a 2-minute image-based behavior assessment, and a fit score is generated based on a pre-set benchmark of traits that will be successful for the positions you're hiring for.

Use Cases: Quickly identify personality fit to minimize attrition in the future.


The applicant will be asked to choose a time slot based on the availability you have added to the session calendar.

Use Cases: Scheduling for orientation, pick-up gear, phone screen or in-person interview.


Add-on feature

Applicants can use this stage to sign a 'Text-Version' of a simple document PDF that can be emailed.

Note: Unlike the 'Document Signature' stage type, it does not render with the original document format and only supports a single-signature.

Video Recording

Usage fee applies

Applicants respond to your set of questions in the amount of time you set in a video.

Use Cases: Serves as a phone screen or interview.


Add-on feature 


Applicants can use this stage type (federal or state options) to assist with withholding income tax with your opening.


Stage Settings

Each stage type will have it's own set of configurations that is specific and unique to the function of the stage, which are highlighted in the article about that stage type. However, here are the common capabilities that every stage types have and can be configured:


 Ready to add some Stages?

Check out the article on how to add stages to your Opening's workflow.

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