How do I add availability to the Calendar?

Before your applicants can book sessions for phone screens and interviews, you first need to add availability to the calendar. You can add new availability from the Calendar page, or from a Scheduler stage in the Workflow Editor.

To get to the Calendar page, click on 'Sessions' in the main navigation bar; the 'Calendar Availability' link will appear below.

Then, you'll want to click on 'Add Availability' button towards the top left of the page. A window with an array of fields will open up:

You'll need to fill in the required fields in order to save the availability and add it to the calendar:

  • MAKE AVAILABLE FOR - select the stage to which you'd like to add availability; you can also add availability for multiple stages by clicking 'Switch to multiple stages' below
  • ASSIGN TO - select the user who will be handling/managing the session
  • DATE
  • LOCATION (optional) - specify the location of the session, whether it be your office's address or a link to join a video interview
  • SLOTS - specify the maximum number of attendees (e.g. enter '1' if it's a one-on-one interview, or a number greater than one if it's a group interview)
  • REPEAT - indicate whether you'd like the session to repeat daily, weekly, or M-F
  • DAYS/WEEKS - for how many days or weeks you would like the session to repeat for
  • SPLIT INTO - split the availability evenly into smaller increments
  • INSTRUCTIONS (optional) - add any instructions you would like for the applicant to know prior to the session

Once you fill out the fields and hit 'Save Available Slots,' your availability will be added to the calendar and applicants will be able to book sessions! If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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