What are Filters and how can I use them?

Filters are a great way to sort through your applicants by their attributes and responses collected from the position form and/or the data collection form(s).

Here are some example use cases for Filters:

  • View applicants that are in a specific city or location
  • View the notes appended to applicants' profiles easily from the Applicant Table
  • View applicants' t-shirt sizes (if your welcome package includes a shirt)!

Adding a New Filter

  1. Go to the 'Applicants' view and click on the 'Filters' button located towards the top left of the table.

  2. You'll need to give your filter a title as well as a condition and value. For example, if you want to view all applicants who are in Dallas, then your condition would be "City" and your value would be "Dallas." (This may differ depending on how you've worded your form question and answer.)
  3. Once added, click on the 'Filters' button again and make sure that your new filter has been selected. The Applicant Table will refresh and only display the applicants that match your filter.
  4. To view your filter as a column in the table, click the small '+' button towards the top right of the table and select your filter from the list.


Please note that your applicants must have submitted responses through either a position form or data collection form in order for a new filter to be added. 

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at support@fountain.com.


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