Data Validation Upon Moving Applicants

The Data Validation feature allows you to validate specified applicant fields before placing them into a stage. The data validation is triggered when applicants are manually transitioned into the specified stage. Data validation must be set up on a manual stage move--meaning that you cannot have a data validation set up on a stage that has applicants move in automatically or the data validation will be bypassed. 

Adding a New Data Validation

  1. Navigate to Company Settings by hovering over your name at the top right corner of any Fountain page.
  2. Click on Data Validation on the left-hand side. 

  3. Once on the Data Validation page, click the blue Add Validation button.
  4. Give your Validation Group a title, select the stages to validate, as well as the fields to validate by clicking Add Question. (To learn more the stages to validate, refer to this article.
  5. When selecting fields to validate, you'll be able to add different types of fields. You can select a pre-existing field (already in applicants' profiles, in which case the data validation would update the existing field value), or add a new field (in which case it would be appended to applicants' profiles).
  6. Once you're done adding fields to validate, hit the Save Settings button.
  7. Now, when moving applicants into the stage you selected in the Data Validation Group, the following (or similar) window will pop up, asking you to validate the field(s) you selected:
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