How do I set up a Recurring Data Collection Check?

Recurring data collection checks in Posthire are a powerful tool you can use to effortlessly recollect workers' documents, expiration dates, and any other fields previously obtained from the position form or data collection form. Set-up is as easy as pie!

Adding a New Recurring Check

From your Fountain account, navigate to 'Posthire' by clicking on a menu icon '' at the top of the page. Then, go to 'Recurring Checks' at the top of the page and click on 'Data Collection' on the left hand side. Then, click on the blue 'Add Rule' button.

From here, you'll be asked to complete some fields to create a new rule:

All of these fields are required in order for you to create a new recurring data collection check:

  • Check Name
  • What Data to Check
    • From: the position(s) you'd like the recurring check to apply to
    • Request: the document or field you'd like to collect from your applicants
    • Type: the type of field the above document/field is (e.g. file, text field, etc.)
  • Frequency
    • Collect: you can choose to collect upon expiration (if an expiration date is provided) or on a regular monthly basis
  • If collection fails,
    • Do nothing - best for if you'd like to take any manual actions on your end
    • Deactivate worker - this will deactivate the worker in Posthire (red dot next to his/her avatar in the worker table)

Once the recurring check is set up, Posthire will start to request updated information via email from the applicants 30 days before the due date. Applicants will be able to submit updated information. If you approve the new info, then it will append to the applicant's profile in Fountain; if you reject the new info, it will send another request to the applicant asking to re-upload his/her info.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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  • Hi, Where can I see the request mail that system send to applicants? 

    And how should I know whether applicants have updated their document? 




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