The Worker Table in Posthire is where you can see all of your active and inactive workers who reside in the 'Approved' stage of your workflow. You can also easily see any recurring checks that are running, as well as whether applicants have submitted the requested information, from this table.

Worker Table

The default columns in the Worker Table are similar to the ones in the Applicant Table:

  • Actions - you can send an email or SMS to, deactivate, or delete the worker
  • Name - a green dot next to the worker's avatar means that he/she is active, while a red dot means that he/she is inactive
  • Email
  • Phone #
  • Name of the check you've requested from your workers (if any)
  • Approved date
  • Days idle

Worker Status

The 'Worker status' section on the left allows you to filter through your applicants based on whether they're active or inactive, or by their document status.

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