Setting Up Google Form as an Application Form

1 Google Apps

  1. Log into your Google Apps account and finish building your form. There are a few strict requirements of the form, however. Name, email, and phone number must be collected in the following ways:
    1. Name must be a short text entry field and must be called “Name” OR "First Name" and "Last Name" (full name, your name, etc. will not work).
    2. Email must be an email entry field and must be called “Email” (email address, what is your email, etc will not work).
    3. Phone number must be a number entry field and must be called “Phone Number” (phone, mobile phone, etc will not work).
  2. Submit a test entry.


2 Zapier

  1. Create a Zapier account here, and then go to this page to access the Fountain Zapier integration.
  2. Link your Google Form as the Trigger and then your Fountain account as the Action.
    1. In the 'Edit Template' step, you'll need to add all of your Google Form questions under the 'Data (optional)' section. (Enter how you want the questions to be displayed in Fountain in the fields on the left, and then select your Google Form questions in the fields on the right.)
  3. Test, finish, and then turn on your Zap!
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