Messenger allows you to view, respond to, and manage SMS messages across all of your openings.

To access Messenger, click on the grey talk bubble icon located at the top bar of any Fountain page.


You may also see a blue bubble by the icon. The blue bubble indicates you have unread SMS messages in your inbox.


Once in Messenger, you'll see three major sections:

Positions, All Messages & Selected Messages


A.  The leftmost section displays all of your positions.

B.  You can also see the number of open messages to the right of each position. Click on a position to view messages from applicants in that workflow.

C.  The middle section shows all of the SMS messages that are in the selected position. In this section, you can view open, closed, or all (both open and closed) messages. You also have the ability to close or open message threads. Newest messages are displayed at the top.

D.  The number and letter at the top right of each message refers to the amount of time that has passed since the last message was sent. For reference, s = seconds, m = minutes, h = hours, and d = days.

NOTE: Some message threads may have a blue "New" label next to the applicant's name; this label appears when an applicant has responded and will disappear after 24 hours, regardless of whether a user has opened or responded.

E.  The rightmost section is where you can view the full conversation of the selected message, as well as send responses to the applicant.

Select the three dots icon to open up a dropdown full of different actions. This might look familiar if you've spent time in the Applicant Table:


You can also view the info, history, files, and notes for the applicant in this section.


Lastly, by checking the Hide automated messages checkbox, you will remove all sent automated messages from the conversation.


SMS Message Statuses

The SMS message is in the process of being sent.
The SMS message has been successfully delivered. 
The SMS message was not delivered.
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