When an exclamation point icon appears next to an applicant's name, it means that the applicant has a duplicate profile in Fountain.

You can perform a search on the applicant's name to see all of the duplicate profiles.


Duplicate Applicant Handling

You can customize how you want to identify and handle duplicate applicants via Company Settings. 

Duplicate Criteria

You can determine how you want to define a duplicate applicant for your account. This can include a combination of standard or custom data keys. Minimum data keys are required. 

Fountain will flag Applications if any of the data fields you select are an exact match. 


Duplicate Rules

You can prevent applicants from applying more than once by choosing certain rejection reasons to automatically block. After that, you can define what happens when an identified duplicate applicant re-applies. 

  • Can apply more than once without restrictions - applicants can apply more than once to any job
  • Can apply to each Job Opening once - applicants cannot apply more than once to any Opening
  • Can NOT apply again - applicants cannot apply to any other position listed in your Public Directory if they have already submitted an application to one.


Duplicate Message

You can customize the message that will be shown to applicants that are blocked by Duplicate Rules. 



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