Customize the Applicant Experience

Fountain is designed to give your applicants a customized, company-specific application experience. Here are some tips and tricks to increase applicant engagement and decrease the time to hire!

Best Practices

  • Establish branding

To make sure that your applicant remembers your company, be sure to create a consistent, familiar, and trusted brand through our customization features. Set your brand name and logo in the company settings, and use the name of your company in the job description!

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  • Understand the Applicant View

Before building an application workflow and sourcing applicants, it is crucial to view the application experience through the applicant's perspective. The company description, job and responsibilities, and requirements should be clear and engaging -- the applicant should feel excited to apply to your company and this position.


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  • Improve on the Applicant Experience

Be sure to test your workflow and envision how the applicant would go through it, and be considerate of the applicant's time -- numbers show that the longer the application process, the more applicant conversion rate drops and people don't end up finishing the application. Only include questions and stages that are necessary for your position, and cut out any fluff or filler. 

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